Friday, August 10, 2007

Advertising Websites

I've been experimenting with Google's adsense on my house rental site for about 1 month now. Out of 661 page impressions I have 42 clicks so far. So I've got $14.76 in earnings to date; not quite enough to get a check from them. When I first started Adsense I was excited everytime I got a click. My first thought was that I'd make $100 in no time. Well...thats not quite the case.

At this point I need to find other methods of driving traffic to the house site. I know my efforts have been a bit lax on that. The only two places the site is advertised is the yard sign and Craigslist. Fortunately, every time I renew the Craigslist ad I get more hits and potentially more clicks.

I'm thinking of taking out a cheap classified ad in a local paper. Or maybe I need to buy some ad space on Google. But first I'm doing it the poor man's ads.